Nova Scotia Lands looking to clean up sunken vessels in Cape Breton

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Nova Scotia Lands, the provincial agency that oversees the remediation and redevelopment of Crown-owned properties, is looking for quotes on the demolition and removal of two sunken boats in Cape Breton.

One has been in the Margaree River for years and the other is submerged in the Mira River.

Laurie Cranton, warden of Inverness County and the councillor for the Margaree Harbour area, said the hull of an old fishing boat has been sticking out of the shallows there for more than 15 years, but it's not a hazard to other boaters.

"I used to boat a little there myself and had a small motor boat and I could get up there when the tide was right, but I would never go in where it was," he said. "In fact, I wonder how they got it in there. Maybe that's why it sunk."

Cranton said some people consider the old boat a tourist attraction that reflects the area's heritage, but local residents would like to see it gone.

Tom Ayers/CBC
Tom Ayers/CBC

"It's kind of in the eye of the beholder," he said.

"Some people might think it's kind of typical of a fishing village, but others that live there I think would like to see it removed and probably assume it's an eyesore to most people."

According to pictures in the tender document, the vessel in the Mira appears to be a small personal watercraft that is almost completely underwater near the shore in a small cove.

The bar manager at the Mira Boat Club said she was unaware there was a sunken boat in the river there.

Mikaela MacPherson also said she has not heard any club members talking about it.

The local municipal councillor, Steve Parsons, also said he was unaware of that sunken vessel.

The cleanup tender closes on Jan. 28 and requires the successful bidder to follow federal guidelines on demolition and removal of vessels.