Nova Scotia landscaper posts incredibly direct job ad

Elmsdale Landscaping staff at work. From Facebook.

This week, Nova Scotia’s Elmsdale Landscaping published a job ad highlighting the incredibly high standards the company expects from its employees.

Since posting the ad on their Facebook page the post has been shared over 1,500 times and has hundreds of comments, bringing outsize attention to the local landscaping firm. Laura Coupar, vice president of the landscaping company, told Truro Daily News that the ad was issued after some difficulty finding reliable employees last fall.

“Everybody interviews really well but then we had employees who go to the bathroom with their phones and they’re in there for 45 minutes, we had people call their girlfriends at break to pick them up because they didn’t want to do it anymore,” she said. “At the end of it we just started hiring everyone and telling them to try it out for a day.”

The company currently employs 120 people and needs to dozens more as summer approaches.

Coupar told CTV News they weren’t trying to sound like cruel employers. Rather, they just wanted to be brutally honest about the physical demand of the work that has led to a some new hires changing their minds in the past.

“We thought about everything we’ve dealt with in the past and we just decided to kind of laugh about it and put it right in the ad, so people wouldn’t come here and not know the expectations” she said

According to the Daily News, the company now has over 200 resumes to sort through before the work season starts. And while the ad alluded to several specific examples, they weren’t the only incidents the company has experienced in the past.

“That’s the filtered version – there are some stories I just can’t tell you,” she said.