Nova Scotia Mounties spoof Hotline Bling to bring attention to road safety

Some Nova Scotia Mounties have had it with cars speeding past them when they’re on the side of the road with their lights flashing, so they’ve decided to get the word out in Cop Light Bling, a parody of Drake’s Hotline Bling.

Like the original Hotline Bling video, the RCMP parody features some dorky dancing, but instead of Drake moping about a lover not calling him anymore, Cop Light Bling was put together in hopes of bringing attention to Nova Scotia’s six-year-old “Move Over” law.

“It’s something that’s been brought to our attention by our members on the road, that it seems to be the awareness is not there in the public,” Cpl. Jennifer Clarke told The Canadian Press. “Humour always gets people’s attention and we really wanted unorthodox, unique, a memorable way of getting the message out there.”


Hotline Bling has been parodied many times since the music video was released in October, perhaps most notably on Saturday Night Live in a sketch featuring Donald Trump and Martin Short as well as by Drake himself in a cellphone commercial.

But while you wait for Drake’s highly anticipated Views From The 6 to drop, maybe Cop Light Bling will have to do.

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