Nova Scotia rebate to help isolated areas with access to satellite internet

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HALIFAX — A new $8.5-million provincial rebate program will offer up to $1,000 to help provide access to satellite internet for Nova Scotians who have no wired or wireless service.

Economic Development Minister Susan Corkum-Greek says the rebate will be available to about 3,700 homes and businesses where connection to the internet is not currently possible.

Corkum-Greek says the areas are in isolated pockets scattered across the province.

She says satellite provider Starlink is currently the only company that can meet or exceed the required minimum download and upload speed targets set by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The minister says other providers will be welcome to participate in the rebate program once they meet the minimum requirements of 50 megabytes per second for download and 10 megabytes per second for upload.

According to the province, about 90 per cent of Nova Scotians have access to high-speed internet with a goal of getting 99.5 per cent online by the end of 2023.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 29, 2022.

The Canadian Press

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