Nova Scotia reports no new COVID-19 cases Friday

No new COVID-19 cases were reported in Nova Scotia on Friday.

The QEII Health Sciences Centre's microbiology lab conducted 403 Nova Scotia tests on Thursday, according to a release from the Department of Health.

The province has two known active cases.

Both active cases are self-isolating and are connected to international travel. They were identified on Aug. 2.

As of Friday, Nova Scotia has 65,608 negative test results, 1,071 positive COVID-19 tests and 64 deaths.

Wearing a non-medical mask is mandatory in most indoor public places in Nova Scotia.

Symptoms list

People with one or more of the following COVID-19 symptoms are asked to visit 811's website:

  • Fever (chills, sweats).

  • Cough or worsening of a previous cough.

  • Sore throat.

  • Headache.

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Muscle aches.

  • Sneezing.

  • Nasal congestion/runny nose.

  • Hoarse voice.

  • Diarrhea.

  • Unusual fatigue.

  • Loss of sense of smell or taste.

  • Red, purple or bluish lesions on the feet, toes or fingers that do not have a clear cause.