Number of Regina employees making more than $150K increased 13 per cent last year

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The City of Regina said 12 additional employees broke the $150,000 threshold in 2021.   (Matthew Howard/CBC News - image credit)
The City of Regina said 12 additional employees broke the $150,000 threshold in 2021. (Matthew Howard/CBC News - image credit)

The number of people paid more than $150,000 by Regina tax payers grew 13 per cent in 2021.

According to the city's public accounts, 93 people earned more than $150,000 in 2021. A year earlier, that figure was 81.

City employees are not the only people included in the figure.

It also covers individuals who are employees of entities that operate independently of the City of Regina, such as the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation, economic development agencies and the Regina Exhibition Association Limited.

However, the growth in the number of highest earners is the result of city employees.

The city said 12 additional employees broke the $150,000 threshold in 2021.

Six are categorized as general municipal employees, one is a fire employee and five are members of the Regina Police Service.

"Several of these are people who retired in 2021, therefore there were pay-outs per the [collective bargaining agreements] of amounts for sick and vacation pays. Most of the rest are simply people whose normal annual increases pushed their salaries up over $150,000," the city said in a statement.

Of the 93 people who were the city's top earners, 41 are categorized as members of the Regina Police Service.

The increase is notable because all but one of the 93 people who made more than $150,000 were paid more than the city's top elected official, Mayor Sandra Masters.

Masters earned $150,217 in 2021.

The public accounts disclose all city employees who earned more than $50,000 in the 2021 calendar year.

Councillors' salaries are also disclosed in public accounts, even though they only earn a base salary of $49,818.

Any councillor who served as deputy mayor earned an additional salary of $600 for a total of $50,418.

Some of the city's top civil servants are among the highest earners.

The figures include their regular remuneration as well additional fees that could include vacation credits, sick credits, allowances, membership fees of $1,000 or greater, and/or other amounts paid to an employee upon termination of their employment.

They include the following:

  • Christopher Holden, city manager: $297,951

  • Timothy Reid, president and CEO of the Regina Exhibition Association Limited: $295,423

  • Evan Bray, chief of the Regina Police Service: $287,899

  • Dean Rae, deputy chief of the Regina Police Service: $253,719

  • Diana Hawryluk, executive director of city planning and community development: $246,005

  • Barry Lacey, executive director of financial strategy and sustainability: $243,631

  • Pamela Deck, director of corporate strategy and performance: $241,860

  • Kim Onrait, executive director of citizen services: $238,536

  • Julie McKenna, deputy library director: $229,430

  • Byron Werry, city solicitor: $228,325

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