By the numbers: How a Canadiens playoff run changes the city

From bar sales to jersey sales to police overtime, a successful playoff drive by the Montreal Canadiens means more — more of just about everything.

Ahead of the first game against the New York Rangers, here's a glimpse into how the Habs can transform the city (as long as they win).

2 tickets in the reds: $800

The price of tickets go up for the playoffs, of course.

Two tickets for Wednesday's game against the New York Rangers go for $800 on StubHub.

Number of riot police: unknown

It's not unusual for riot police to be on hand for playoffs games in Montreal.

While police say they cannot reveal the number of officers present for each game, it's clear they are prepared whether it's a celebration in the streets or a full-blown riot.

Tricolore car flag: $20

A popular staple during playoffs in this hockey town, the Canadiens flag is strapped to most cars as soon as spring sets in.

Beers sold by a single Bell Centre vendor: 500

During the playoffs, a vendor carrying a tray of beer above his head while weaving through the crowd at the Bell Centre may sell up to 500 beers per night. Thirsty fans can also purchase beverages at food counters or the central bar.

Ginette Reno: at least one anthem sung (hopefully many more)

Long-time Quebec artist and Habs' good luck charm during the 2014 playoffs is making a comeback for at least one game on Wednesday.

Ginette Reno will step onto Bell Centre for the Canadian anthem before the Habs take on the Rangers in game one.

Years since the Habs won a Stanley Cup: 24

It's been 24 years since Montreal won its last Stanley Cup after beating the Los Angeles Kings in 1993.

It's been a long time since this city seen a victory, but the Canadiens are still the reigning champions of the NHL with a total of 24 Stanley Cups.

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