Nunatsiavut first minister resigns amid allegations she acted inappropriately

Nunatsiavut First Minister Kate Mitchell has stepped down after the government says she inserted herself into an issue that was outside her purview.

President Johannes Lampe said Mitchell, who was also minister of Nunatsiavut affairs, "acted inappropriately in discharging her duties as minister responsible for housing by interfering in matters that are the sole responsibility of Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA)."

"Given the sensitivities around housing issues, it is important that all steps be taken to ensure the credibility of the Nunatsiavut government and TRHA is maintained."

Lampe said that those sensitivities have a lot to do with a housing crisis that Nunatsiavut is currently experiencing.

"We have a working relationship with the Torngat regional housing association, and we are in a housing crisis. We have to follow those rules to make sure that we are dealing with the housing crisis  in Nunatsiavut. And so those sensitivities can be quite a few," he said.


"I know that some people have said that they stay up late at night, thinking what to do."

Calling the resignation an "unfortunate situation for all involved," he said Mitchell's role was challenging. 

"It's not an easy job and it is hard to stay the course at times, or it is very demanding."

Lampe said Tony Andersen, ordinary member for Nain, will take on both roles immediately on an interim basis.

When the Nunatsiavut Assembly convenes on Jan. 21, Mitchell will continue as the ordinary member for Makkovik.

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