Nunavut gov't catches up on late Kugluktuk income support cheques

All income support clients in Kugluktuk now have their monthly cheques, according to Nunavut's Department of Family Services.

Earlier this week two mothers said their families were going hungry because the cheques, which are usually issued on the 1st or 2nd of the month, were almost a week late.

The department says the delay was because of staffing issues.

"In this case, the new income support worker had just completed her training, which lasts roughly two months, and was able to be approved to issue cheques just a few days ago," said Irene Tanuyak, assistant deputy minister of Family Services.

She said a supervisor from Cambridge Bay arrived in Kugluktuk Wednesday afternoon to help with catching up.

Tanayuk says as of Thursday, all clients have their cheques.