Nunavut man killed by RCMP after live streaming that he wanted to 'die by police'

A man in Hall Beach, Nunavut, was killed by police overnight after live streaming on social media that he wanted to "die by police."

According to an RCMP news release, the incident started at about 11:30 p.m. Monday, when officers received a call about the man's live stream.

RCMP say that after arriving at a home in the community, they were "confronted" by a 39-year-old man, who was holding a gun "in a threatening manner."

They say they negotiated with the man and used de-escalation techniques, but he was ultimately shot by police and later died.

The Ottawa Police Service will conduct an investigation.

"These events are difficult for all involved. Our thoughts are with the family and community at this time," the news release said.

Hall Beach, in the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut, has a population of about 750. The mayor said people are "deeply affected by the incident."

"People feel awful when someone dies unexpectedly. They feel sad that people die this way," Peter Siakuluk told CBC in Inuktitut.

22-minute Facebook live

The man's video was broadcast live on Facebook for 22 minutes.

In the video, the man is inside a home, behind the front door. He appears to be by himself.

"I hope you're happy man. I hope you're happy," he says.

"Suicide motherf--kers!" he yells. "This is how you do it. Suicide by cops."

He appears to be crying at times, while he repeatedly wraps an object in a towel or blanket.

"You want to take my family away from me?" he shouts at the camera. "You and your family, I hope you're happy.

"You keep my family happy. You keep my family safe. I can't keep them safe."

The live stream ended before the RCMP arrived.