Nurse who lost baby due to COVID complications urges pregnant women to vaccinate

Vanessa Alfermann, a nurse who contracted COVID-19 while 22 weeks pregnant and ultimately lost the child, a boy named Axel, due to complications from the virus, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday where she spoke about that tragic day.

“I wasn't really saying what I thought was gonna happen, but I knew,” Alfermann said. “We got to the hospital and they checked me out, and they said, ‘We gotta get you upstairs now. You have membranes showing.’ So, I mean, they rushed me upstairs and at that point they realized I was fully dilated. My bag was protruding and Axel was coming no matter what.”

Knowing the vaccines are safe for pregnant women, Alfermann said she would have gotten vaccinated last fall if it had been available. Now she’s urging pregnant women and others to get vaccinated in hopes that they can avoid her fate.

“These vaccines are here. And I’m not pushing the mandate,” Alfermann said. “I’m pushing people to talk to their doctor, to talk to medical professionals. Do not do this hearsay or all this stuff that gets spread so easily when it's not really the medical facts, because these lies are killing people.”

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