Nursing mom reveals why she stopped wearing milk pads: ‘Because I’m a literal cow’

A mom shared why she ditched milk pads for letdown cups, and her milk supply is loving it.

It’s National Breastfeeding Month, and nursing TikTok mom’s @itscookiedoughh product recommendation might be exactly what parents need. Instead of allowing her milk pads to absorb all of the excess milk that leaks after feeding, she opted for letdown cups. A letdown cup is a small catcher that stores the leakage.

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“This is why I wear a let down cup. Just wait, I can’t even take this thing out it’s so full,” she said. “There’s Yukie’s milk. I swear it’s amazing. This is why I wear this now, instead of my milk pads on the go. Because I am a literal cow.”

The mom was able to fill up half a bottle with the milk in the letdown cup. She explained in the comment section that she only wears them during breastfeeding and for about 10 minutes.

“I only wear it while he eats. Eats on one and catch on the left,” she said, also adding that she, “got tired of wasting and started saving my let down now I have an entire freezer and it’s only been a month!”

People discussed the letdown catchers, with some totally unaware of the product’s existence.

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“I love the let down catchers!!! they were such a blessing this time around, I remember losing so much with my first EB baby,” a TikToker replied.

“I wish I had of known of these when I was working. That’s amazing,” another wrote.

“My freezer supply was literally all from let down pretty much. My baby is 9mo and it just ran out a month ago,” a user added.

“They didn’t have all this cool stuff when my babies were born!” another said.

“Didn’t know I needed this but I’m a cow also when I nurse my babies,” a person commented.

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