Nutrien to cut 33 office positions in Sask., moving others into province

Nutrien confident about potash prospects despite Sask. mine layoffs

Nutrien is cutting a number of jobs at its corporate office in Saskatoon, according to a company vice-president. 

Eight people will lose their job in the next few weeks at the Saskatoon office, and another 25 people will go by the end of the year, said Richard Downey, vice-president of investor and corporate relations.   

Positions will also be cut from the Calgary corporate office, although Nutrien is not releasing those numbers yet. 

Downey said 100 new corporate positions are moving into Saskatchewan for business reasons, and the head of Canadian retail will be moving to Regina.

"There will actually be a net increase in the number of jobs in Saskatchewan as a result of the merger," he said. 

Cuts stem from merger

Downey said the cuts are due to overlap as part of the merger process. PotashCorp and Agrium agreed to merge in 2016 and started trading as Nutrien this year.   

"You've got two of everything, so when you bring a company together you don't need quite as many people doing the same function that each company did individually," Downey said.  

There are also a number of positions across the United States and Alberta that are being moved. 

The employees at Nutrien who are losing their jobs have not been notified yet. Downey said it will be a process that takes a few weeks.  

In total there are about 4,500 employees in the province. Downey said they've tried to minimize the impact to employees.