Nvidia CEO worth $36 billion: 'Pain and suffering' of entrepreneurship not worth it


Nvidia CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang, whose net worth is currently valued at $36 billion, recently expressed that the emotional toll of entrepreneurship is something he would rather not go through again.

Harder than anticipated: In a revealing interview on the investment podcast "Acquired," Huang responded to a hypothetical question about starting a new company in 2023 with a startling admission: "I wouldn't do it." He explained that building Nvidia had been "a million times harder" than he and his co-founders had anticipated.

"At that time, if we realized the pain and suffering and just how vulnerable you're going to feel, and the challenges that you're going to endure, the embarrassment, and the shame. You know the list of all the things that go wrong, I don't think anybody would start a company. Nobody in their right mind would do it. "

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The entrepreneur's superpower: Despite the immense difficulties many business owners face, Huang shared an insight into the mindset of successful entrepreneurs. He pointed out that the "superpower" of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to underestimate the hardships and ask, "How hard can it be?" This self-deception, Huang suggested, is necessary to keep going. He humorously admitted that he still tricks his brain into thinking the journey isn't as hard as it is.

Huang's wealth and Nvidia's dominance: The 60-year-old entrepreneur has helped propel Nvidia's dominance in the computer gaming chip market and its crucial role in producing complex chips for AI model training. The recent boom in artificial intelligence has further boosted Huang's fame and fortune. Forbes estimates Huang has a net worth of $36.3 billion.

Importance of a support system: When asked about coping with the emotional trauma of building a company, Huang stressed the importance of a strong support system, comprising family, friends, and committed colleagues. He cited the loyalty and unwavering support of those who have been with him on the Nvidia journey for decades. Huang shared his belief that CEOs and companies are built by humans, and that the challenges facing them are difficult to endure.

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Nvidia's future: Huang addressed the market opportunity in technology, highlighting Nvidia's transition from being a chip company to an AI company. He discussed the transformative potential of AI, estimating that the market's size is measured in trillions. In Huang's view, the technology industry is evolving, and the separation from traditional chip manufacturing positions companies like Nvidia for significant growth.


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Nvidia CEO worth $36 billion: 'Pain and suffering' of entrepreneurship not worth it

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