Nvidia's Stanley cup could be the year's hottest collab

  • Nvidia was selling Stanley cups featuring its logo for $50 at its GTC conference this week.

  • Stanley cups became a popular status symbol after going viral on TikTok last year.

  • Nvidia's GTC conference this week saw the unveiling of its next-generation chip called Blackwell.

It's a match made in heaven — the year's hottest stock combined with every TikToker's must-have accessory.

Yes, Nvidia was selling a Stanley cup branded with its logo for $50 at its GTC conference in San Jose, California this week.

Meghan Bobrowsky, a Wall Street Journal reporter, shared a photo of the Stanley Quencher tumbler on display at the GTC Gear Store on X on Tuesday. The cups appeared to have sold out, she said in a follow-up post.

The cups became a must-have status symbol after TikTokers posted videos featuring them as part of a viral #WaterTok trend last year, where users shared videos of flavored water recipes.

Some shoppers waited in line at Target stores before they opened to grab a limited edition Valentine's Day-themed Stanley cup earlier this year.

One woman even stole nearly $2,500 worth of the tumblers, while some other fans collect or resell them at higher prices.

The social media frenzy seems to have boosted Stanley sales significantly with the 2023 total set to top more than $750 million, CNBC reported.

An Instagram user posted a video from Nvidia's Santa Clara headquarters, which shows it also sells Stanley cups with the Nvidia logo for $50 at its merchandise store. The video appears to have been taken down from his Instagram, but was also posted on X and has amassed nearly half a million views.

The video also shows that the Nvidia store offers branded pickleball sets for $58 and GPUs, including the Geforce RTX 4060 TI, which costs $359.

The store is part of the $2.3 trillion company's futuristic headquarters made up of a 500,000-square-foot building called Endeavor and a 750,000-square-foot building named Voyager. Both are "Star Trek" references.

Jensen Huang at Nvidia's 2024 developer conference
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang presenting at the GTC conference.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference (GTC) started on Monday with a keynote speech from CEO Jensen Huang. The founder unveiled Blackwell, its next-generation chip, and a new project to help train humanoid robots.

Nvidia declined to comment.

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