NYC mayor's office says anyone who came across Sarah Palin during her restaurant outings should get tested for COVID-19

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Sarah Pain holds a microphone on stage in front of an American flag and Trump signs
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.Steve Nesius/Reuters
  • Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

  • Since then, she has been spotted dining at two New York City restaurants.

  • Mayor Eric Adams' office urged people who had come across her to get tested.

The New York City mayor's office has urged people who had come across Sarah Palin in the last week to get tested for COVID-19.

The former Alaska governor, who is unvaccinated, was seen dining in at least two restaurants in the city days after testing positive for COVID-19, Gothamist reported.

In a statement to Gothamist, City Hall spokesperson Jonah Allon encouraged "any New Yorker who came into contact with Ms. Palin to get tested, just as we encourage all New Yorkers to get tested regularly, especially those who believe they may have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19."

Palin tested positive on Monday.

She was seen eating outdoors Tuesday night at Campagnola, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan's Upper East Side, Gothamist reported.

She also ate at Elio's, another Italian restaurant in the area, on Wednesday night. She had dined indoors at that restaurant on Saturday night, violating the city's requirement to provide vaccination proof before eating inside.

Proof of vaccination is not needed for outdoor dining in New York City. Colleen Croft, one of the owners of Elio's, told Insider's Sinéad Baker that it made a "mistake" by not checking Palin's vaccination status on Saturday, and that it complied with city rules on Wednesday.

A lawyer for Palin did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Anyone who tests has COVID-19 should isolate for at least five days after the first positive test result, according to guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was not clear if Palin was infectious when she dined out.

Palin positive's COVID-19 prompted the delay of her defamation trial against the New York Times.

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