This NYC photographer has over 200 plants in her ‘jungle home’ — see for yourself!


Photographer Phoebe Cheong (@welcometothejunglehome) lives in Brooklyn, New York — but her home might as well be a jungle because of her massive collection of plants. In this episode of ITK: Do You Live Here?, Phoebe invites us into the apartment that she shares with her cat and shows us all the ways her grandmother inspired her to live amongst all of her plants.

The first room on Phoebe’s tour is the living room, furnished with a gray sofa, white TV console and three wooden chests of drawers. Like the rest of the home, this room features dozens of houseplants, filling up shelf spaces, hanging in baskets in front of the large window and set in pots in the corner.

Even though Phoebe hasn’t counted how many plants she has, she estimates there are at least 200 throughout the apartment. She says, “It’s a lot of work, but to me tending my plants is a way to unplug and stay grounded with myself. So it’s not really a chore.”

“I’m originally from Malaysia, so I’m born and raised in a very tropical country,” Phoebe says. “Hence all the greenery in my house.”

The next stop on the tour is Phoebe’s bedroom. Similarly to the living room, this space has several plants hung in front of the window — though not nearly as many. Phoebe explains that she deliberately chose plants with longer, bigger leaves for this room to provide more privacy in front of the window. The room has a bed, dresser, end tables and desk.

Phoebe’s favorite room is her outdoor terrace, also filled with lots of plants. She says that she typically brings indoor pots outside when the weather is warmer. Also kept outside are Phoebe’s cacti, succulents and sunflowers — which Phoebe says are among her favorites since she grew them from seeds.

And Phoebe’s plant collection is going to continue to grow. She says, “I’m not done buying plants. I love plants, and I will forever be continuing buying plants. They always surprise me.”

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