Nyheim Hines’ fantasy outlook this season I Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In this edition of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Frank Schwab talk about the former NC State running back, including how he’ll be fighting for targets in Indianapolis.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: This one's interesting. Because Colts head coach Frank Reich said it himself, if I was a fantasy owner, if I was going to be in a fantasy league, I think I'd pick Nyheim this year. Obviously, Nyheim Hines. From James Boyd. You're already shaking your head, Frank. There's been a lot of talk in fantasy circles about Nyheim Hines because Frank Reich has said this, he said you don't win with being a ground-and-pound team. Obviously, we expect Matt Ryan to elevate the quarterback position.

Also, strangely enough, Carson Wentz is-- I don't know how you can be bad at throwing to running backs, but he's, like, the worst quarterback in the NFL at throwing to running backs. I think Matt Ryan will be better. Frank, if you want to shoot down this weird Nyheim Hines cult in fantasy football Twitter, go for it, buddy.

FRANK SCHWAB: Please. Please. Because last year, we did the same thing. You are in a game that's 20-17 against the Tennessee Titans. They put Nyheim Hines on the field. You had the best running back in football. Or one of the top five. Whatever. You're giving the ball to Jonathan Taylor. We went through this last year. It forced me to push Taylor down too far in my rankings until late in the draft season. I [? started-- ?]


FRANK SCHWAB: [? --getting ?] a little bit of him. And I was very happy with that. But there's some drafts I go back and look and I say, I took that guy over Jonathan Taylor? Why? And I did it because of all this nonsense about Nyheim Hines. Nyheim Hines is going to have a role. He's going to be fine. I do not discount Jonathan Taylor in the slightest [INAUDIBLE]. And maybe I'll just be dumb at the end of the day. Maybe I'm being a Wisconsin homer. I don't know. But to me, Jonathan Taylor is still easily number one for me overall.

And I don't buy the Nyheim Hines stuff. He'll play some. He'll get his. But no running back is on the field 100% of the time. It's not Walter Payton 1984 anymore. Guys shuttle in and out. Taylor's going to get a ton of snaps. He'll even get catches because he's proven he can catch the ball. Jonathan Taylor is just fine. Nyheim Hines is-- no. Not doing it. Not falling for this trick again.

MATT HARMON: Let me tell you what, most coaches probably don't know how fantasy scoring works.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, I'm sure Frank Reich isn't grinding it out. Probably not going listen to this podcast. But if you do, Frank, hey, great comeback against the Oilers. Appreciate that.

MATT HARMON: Yeah. Shout out, Frank. Of course. Both Franks, Frank Schwab and Frank Reich. We love the Franks here. But he says, if I was going to be in a fantasy league. That leads me to think Frank Reich does not play fantasy football, does not know what it takes--

FRANK SCHWAB: He's a little busy.

MATT HARMON: --for Nyheim Hines to-- and I think this is the thing too. I've been on the show the last couple of episodes talking about Alec Pierce potentially making an impact as a rookie. Parris Campbell, for now, is healthy. I like VCU's finest, Mo Alie-Cox, as a sleeper tight end probably more than I like Hayden Hurst-- definitely more than I like Hayden Hurst and Isaiah Likely. If all that's going to happen, Nyheim Hines is not catching-- he would probably have to catch 70-plus passes to be a relevant guy in fantasy.

And I agree with you, that's not happening. Because Jonathan Taylor last year, he wasn't a huge receiver or anything but he was much better than people expected. And he still ran a lot of routes, he just doesn't get a lot of targets because, like I said, Carson Wentz does not check down to the running back. Yeah. It's so bizarre, man.

FRANK SCHWAB: Take JT number one. Let's stop the nonsense. Pianow was on Twitter talking about this, you don't need to hit a 500-foot grand slam. Maybe a 400-foot grand slam is just fine. That's what Jonathan Taylor is. Don't get cute with your first pick, take JT. I'm not moving off of him at all for any reason, honestly.