Obamas greeted with cheers and applause at New York restaurant while dining with Bono

Barack and Michelle Obama were spotted having lunch in New York City last Friday. Photo from Getty Images.

Though they vacated the White House almost two months ago, it seems that the shine has yet to wear off of Barack and Michelle Obama. While visiting New York last week, an entire restaurant erupted in applause for the couple — and several bystanders were quick enough to catch the moment on video.

Barack has been looking pretty relaxed and cheerful since the weight of the world was lifted from his shoulders back in January. Whether kite surfing with British billionaire Richard Branson or strolling the streets of Manhattan, the former U.S. president has been all smiles.

That trend continued last Friday when he was spotted having lunch with Michelle at Upland Restaurant in midtown Manhattan. They were joined by U2 lead singer Bono, reports ABC News.

In a clip posted to Instagram by Emma Wiedner, the couple can be seen strolling through the restaurant, flanked by bodyguards. As he passes Wiedner, Obama looks directly into the camera and gives a little smile and a wave. Moments later someone yells, “I love you, Obama!” Within seconds, the whole restaurant is cheering as the grinning president exits the restaurant.

In another video posted by Instagram user Mary Pollock, you see a different view of the packed dining room.

But it’s only in the photographs where you get to see Obama flashing his trademark pearly whites.

If that’s not a man enjoying retirement, we don’t know what is.