OC Transpo trains damaged in collision at Belfast Yard

Two trains will be temporarily out of service because they collided Friday at Belfast Yard, Rideau Transit Maintenance said Friday.

The maintenance group says the trains made "slight contact with one another" at a "slow speed" at the maintenance and storage yard located between Tremblay and St. Laurent stations on the Confederation Line.

"The side of one vehicle made light contact with a stationary vehicle on an adjacent track when passing it," an email from Rideau Transit Maintenance spokesperson Jodi Rogers said Friday evening.

"There was minor damage to the side panels on both vehicles, and the situation was quickly and safely brought under control."

Tory Charter, director of Ottawa's transit operations, told CBC in an email the city is aware of the incident. A spokesperson for the city directed CBC to Rideau Transit Maintenance for more details. 

The collision comes after the longest stretch of disrupted schedules for OC Transpo's new Confederation Line since it launched four months ago. 

OC Transpo is currently facing a shortage of trains and running special supplementary buses between Tunney's Pasture and Hurdman stations to downtown in an effort to offset delays for passengers. The special buses are scheduled to run until Jan.31.

The cost of the extra service is being charged to Rideau Transit Maintenance. 

Rideau Transit Maintenance said it is investigating the cause of Friday's collision.