Octopus at night gracefully jets across the sand

The octopus is one of the most intelligent of all the reef creatures. They are the smartest invertebrates on earth and they are highly skilled hunters. Preferring to come out of their lair under the cover of darkness, the octopus can swim by propelling jets of water through ventricles that it uses to push itself through the ocean. The octopus can slither, or crawl over any surface. It has thousands of suction cups that operate independently to grip surfaces and and also to seize prey which it draws into its mouth where a powerful and razor sharp beak awaits. Operating eight arms and thousands of suckers requires an impressive intellectual capacity. The octopus is also a master at disguise. It is able to change its colour, and even its texture, at will. This one appears as a milky colour to blend in with the sand around it. Within seconds, it can appear grey, black, or even brightly coloured. This ability can be used as camouflage or as a form of communication with other octopus. These scuba divers were thrilled to witness such a rare spectacle on a night dive in Belize.

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