Odesa Mayor honors Darth Vader with award at city council ceremony - Video

Darth Vader turned out to be an Odesa rescuer
Darth Vader turned out to be an Odesa rescuer

The mayor of Odesa, Hennadiy Trukhanov, honored Darth Vader with an award in a ceremony at the city council building.

The event, which garnered applause from those in attendance, was captured on video and shared on social media.

The volunteer, who adopted the name of the famed "Star Wars" character, was recognized for his efforts in rescuing people following Russian attacks on the city. "We are awarding an honorary diploma of the Executive Committee of the Odesa City Council to a volunteer of the Odesa Civil Defense Volunteer Formation... Darth Vader," announced the city official, to which the audience responded warmly.

The recipient, Darth Vader, then took to the podium to receive the certificate of honor from Mayor Trukhanov.

It's worth noting that individuals impersonating Darth Vader have previously run for office in Odesa and even the Ukrainian Parliament, although it's not confirmed if the award recipient is one of these individuals. This intriguing award ceremony highlights the unique and sometimes whimsical spirit of Odesa's civic engagement.

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