OECTA honours Ontario students for excellence in writing

As many as 46 students in publicly funded Catholic schools across Ontario, from Kindergarten through Grade 12, have been celebrated for their outstanding writing skills by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA). These students, your peers, have truly set a high standard for excellence in writing.

The Young Authors Awards/Prix jeunes écrivains, a prestigious event, acknowledge English and French writing in categories ranging from poetry and short stories to plays and non-fiction. This year, we are proud to mark the 39th year of Catholic teachers supporting and celebrating student writing and achievement through this esteemed awards program.

“The Young Authors Awards/Prix jeunes écrivains are a celebration of the exceptional spirit and accomplishments of students and teachers in Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools, showcasing the high caliber of writing and critical thinking happening in our classrooms,” says OECTA President René Jansen in de Wal.

“The diversity of topics, perspectives, and styles are amazing to read, and speak to the skills and values that Catholic teachers strive to nurture in our students. The range of subjects students choose to write about, and the passion and imagination they display in their work, are nothing short of incredible.”

This year’s winners were selected from the 238 entries elevated for consideration at the provincial level out of the thousands of entries from students who participate locally. Some of the winning entries for 2024 include:

  • Respect (Kindergarten) – an acrostic poem about the themes, values, and actions that define “respect.”

  • L'égalité (Grades 1 to 2) – a French, non-fiction entry about how we must treat everyone the same and accept people as they are.

  • Nothing to Say (Grades 5 to 6) – a short story about a girl starting Grade 5 and her new friendship with a girl who uses a speech-generating device to help her communicate.

  • Emmy for Class President (Grades 9 to 10) – a humorous play about a girl who accidentally gives her off-kilter speech for class president at the wrong place and time.

Saeed Akhtar, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Milton Reporter, Milton Reporter