Off Their Game Week 15 - Kyle Pitts

Tank Williams explains why the Atlanta TE will struggle in week 15.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: All right, Tank, who are hating on this week?

TANK WILLIAMS: [LAUGHS] Man, this dude-- I know I should have gone on my gut. Kyle Pitts. Because I was down on Kyle Pitts, you know, at the start of the season, and then he gave us that two-game pump fake where he kind of balled out. And we was like, oh man, this dude gonna live up to his expectations.

But this is the thing that sealed the deal for me. I was going through the Yahoo Daily Fantasy app, and it said Kyle Pitts has his best game in seven weeks, 8.6 fantasy points. [LAUGHS] Come on, what are we doing, man? He's going against a San Francisco defense that gives up the fourth fewest fantasy points to tight ends.

And I feel like if you picked Kyle Pitts high on your fantasy roster, your team is probably already in the pits anyway. So if you have to depend on him this week to secure you a fantasy victory, just go ahead and take that P off his last name and go ahead and add an S-H, and then that's what you gonna get in your fantasy box score this week.

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