Official stone and flower proposed for Latchford

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LATCHFORD – An official stone and flower has been proposed for the Town of Latchford.

Mayor George Lefebvre told council at its regular meeting April 15 that a stone, known locally as "Temiskaming Rising Stone," had been found within the boundaries of Latchford and had been offered to the town by Reiner Mielke.

Mielke informed Lefebvre that they were dendrite stones and that there were “many more of the stones” where they came from.

Lefebvre asked council in their open discussion period at the April 15 meeting about naming dendrite as Latchford's official stone as he found them “to be very attractive in appearance and a simple gesture, such as proposed, creates a positive image of Latchford and council at absolutely no cost to the ratepayers of Latchford.”

“Reiner said his thoughts were to bring them and leave them at the museum to sell them as souvenirs,” explained Lefebvre.

“They’re very patterned and very unusual, in my opinion. I was just thinking it doesn’t cost anything, it gets us a little attention, mostly positive.”

Lefebvre said if council wanted to name it as Latchford’s official stone, a resolution would have to be passed at a future meeting.

“Discuss among yourselves and I really do believe that it gives that little bit of positive vibration and it doesn’t cost a cent, which is the nice part of it,” he noted.

“If you want to think about it, we can put it on the agenda for next meeting.”


Lefebvre also brought up that there is “a very unique flower” that grows in Latchford, a multi-petalled wild rose that he said he passed out to the ladies in attendance when the town unveiled plaques at the log-lifter at the dam site.

He said he “just jokingly referred to them as the rose of Latchford” and that a few people had believed him.

“They went and put that (information) on the Friends of Latchford Facebook group and I’m just thinking that we can follow up to the Latchford stone with a Latchford rose and get a little more positive, free publicity,” he said.

“So I want you to think about that, too, because that will be on the same motion. Hopefully next meeting, which will be in May, the roses would be in bloom and we would be able to have samples of them.”

Jamie Mountain, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temiskaming Speaker