Officials: Kentucky scammers are getting more sophisticated. Here’s their latest tricks

The Kentucky Court of Justice is urging people to be aware of scams involving fake arrest warrants that are increasing in sophistication, including phone numbers and forged signatures.

According to a press release from the Administrative Office of the Courts, the fraudulent warrants are demanding payment to avoid arrest. Some include the Kentucky Court of Justice seal, a case number and a list of charges such as failure to appear and missed jury duty.

The press release said in the scams, the individual is typically instructed to call a phone number or provide personal information.

“Scammers may even fake a phone number on caller ID so that the call appears to be from a court facility or another government agency,” the release said. “A valid arrest warrant would not be served by phone, text or email.”

The release goes on to say that Kentucky Law Enforcement will never request payment over the phone or ask for gift card numbers in order to fulfill an obligation.

Individuals should contact the Circuit Court Clerk in the county that is indicated on the potential scam in order to verify legal actions. Individuals who feel they have been a victim of scammers should contact local law enforcement immediately.

SCAM ALERT! Protect yourself from scams claiming legal action from those posing as court officials/law enforcement. To verify legal actions, contact the office of Circuit Court Clerk in the County indicated on the communication. #SafetyTips @kystatepolice @kyoag @chfsky

Posted by Kentucky Courts on Saturday, June 15, 2024