OG Anunoby breaks down fourth-quarter surge vs. Sixers

OG Anunoby discussed finding his game in the fourth quarter of Toronto’s Game 2 loss to the 76ers, How officiating is forcing the Raptors to guard Joel Embiid differently than in the regular season, and what he’s looking forward to about returning to Toronto for Game 3. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] in the fourth, the ball started to find you a lot. It looks like they're going to be [INAUDIBLE] a lot more. Is that something that you're kind of amping up for [INAUDIBLE].

OG ANUNOBY: No, I just try to be aggressive. So if the ball finds me, I try to be aggressive and make the right play.

- What did you see in that fourth quarter that was so advantageous for you [INAUDIBLE] quarters two and three were kind of tough in terms of scoring?

OG ANUNOBY: I think we were just attacking, moving the ball, and then shooting with confidence-- cutting--

- How do you feel you guys [INAUDIBLE]?

OG ANUNOBY: I think we do as best as we can. We try to play through the rules, not foul, and be aggressive. So just-- we tried our best.

- How frustrating was it for you tonight? Every foul seemed to be like one of these--

OG ANUNOBY: Yeah, I mean, we tried our best to defend. Refs were calling foul. Can't do anything about it.

- You had to make some adjustments in game 1 for game 2. What did you [INAUDIBLE]?

OG ANUNOBY: That we forced more turnovers, try to be more physical, try to box out more-- just to rebound and run. So, that we did a good job doing that.

- How much a lift can going back to Toronto be for you guys?

OG ANUNOBY: I think it'd be good for us just to play in front of our home crowd, just like they played at home-- come out with energy. We have a great home court advantage, so use that to our advantage.

- You've seen a series turn around from 0-2. Is there that kind of optimism [INAUDIBLE]?

OG ANUNOBY: Oh, yeah. I think there's always optimism. We've seen it happen, know it's possible, and we still have faith in our team.

- We have one question for you online. Go ahead, Josh.

- Thank you. Warren, go ahead.

- Hey, OG. Why do you think you guys are having a more difficult time guarding Joel than you did in the regular season? Is it something he's doing or something you guys are maybe not doing as well?

OG ANUNOBY: I think we're doing the same things. It's just, I mean, ref's are calling fouls. So, refs in the regular season probably didn't call as much now. They're calling more now. We can't control that-- just try to play the game.

- What about in terms of where he's getting the ball? Do you think he's getting it deeper in the post than he did? Or is he spraying it out of doubles quicker? Or or are you not really seeing any of those things?

OG ANUNOBY: Oh, he's getting the ball further out. And he just putting his head down and being aggressive. Just like we would. So he's putting it in the ref's hands to call foul. It can be their decision. That's what's happening.

- All right. Thank you.

OG ANUNOBY: Thank you.

- Thanks for [INAUDIBLE].

- Thanks, OG.

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