Oh deer. Buck's tangle with toboggan caught on camera

A Williams Lake, B.C resident who was out for a hike came across a sad and unlikely sight — a deer struggling to free itself from a toboggan and rope that was tangled in its antlers.

The hiker did the two things anyone seeing such a sight might do — pick up the phone to call for help and start filming the unusual scene.

The call went to a hotline that allows people to report suspected wildlife violations, and from there the B.C. Conservation Service was dispatched.

Officers on snowmobile arrived a short time later and found the deer uninjured, according to the Conservation Officer Service in a Facebook post Friday.

Watch video of deer struggling with tobaggan

The deer was tranquilized, allowing officers to cut it free from the rope. The Conservation Officer Service said the animal pranced away without injury a short time later.

"This thrill-seeking deer found out the hard way that sledding is best left to the kids," wrote the service. 

"While Conservation Officers have seen deer caught up in netting, hammocks, and even Christmas lights, this was a first for the Williams Lake CO's."