Oilers playoff tickets sold out, but fans still have options

There's still hope for Oilers fans eager to get their hands on playoff tickets — or at least get a foot in the door for a taste of the action at Rogers Place. 

The team is back in town this week for their fifth game against the San Jose Sharks, and Thursday's home game is sold out.

In fact, when tickets for the first four home playoff games went on sale last week, they sold out within five minutes.

And now, tickets are popping up on resale sites for hundreds to thousands of dollars each.

Oilers Entertainment Group spokesman Tim Shipton said the tickets were initially sold for prices "consistent with NHL markets," but the Oilers fever spreading across the city is driving up demand — and resale pricing.

"There's been a tremendous amount of excitement and certainly a tremendous amount of demand for tickets to Oilers playoff games," he said.

"It's just this is the excitement in the city, and there's more demand than supply."

Shipton says OEG is trying to get creative in giving more fans access to Rogers Place during playoff games.

Fan-to-fan resale

The best bet for guaranteed ticket to Thursday night's game is to buy one through the Oilers fan-to-fan resale and ticket exchange. This is where you can find verified tickets being sold by other fans, and the website is operational 24 hours a day.

"It's the only place that fans can be certain of acquiring a verified ticket," Shipton said.

"All other secondary sites do pose a potential amount of risk, certainly some more reputable than others."

But be warned, they don't come cheap. On Monday afternoon, a single ticket for Thursday's home game on the resale website started at $330 and went up to $4,945.

Last minute ticket release

Fans can sign up for last minute ticket release alerts. On game day, a limited number of tickets will be released. 

Shipton did not say how many tickets would be made available, but said hopeful buyers would have to act fast.

"There have been game day releases for both playoff [home] games," he said."There will be releases again for Game 5."

Concourse passes

There will be around 250 concourse passes for sale. These passes — which went for $80 each during the Oilers' first playoff game last Wednesday — offer access to the main and upper concourse levels. You can't get a proper view of the ice or the players on it, but you'll be inside the building. 

Shipton confirmed these passes will go on sale again closer to the game.

Molson Hockey House

Fans can sign up online to enter to win up to four passes for the Molson Hockey House watch party. This gives around 1,000 fans access to Ford Hall, where they can sip beer and watch the game on big screens. 

The passes are free, but it's luck of the draw. All attendees must be at least 18 years old.