My Old Ass Trailer: Maisy Stella, Aubrey Plaza Star in Most Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Movie of the Year

Marni Grossman

In the forthcoming coming-of-age movie My Old Ass, it's the last days before 18-year-old Elliott (played by musician and former Nashville star Maisy Stella) leaves her small farming town for college in the big city, and she's decided to take a mushroom trip with her friends (played by Maddie Ziegler and Kerrice Brooks). During the trip, however, she comes face-to-face with her 39-year-old self (Aubrey Plaza), who has some urgent wisdom to impart… and might end up learning something from young Elliott, too.

My Old Ass, written and directed by The Fallout director Megan Park, is interested in big questions — How much time do we have and how do we make the most of it? Is loving someone worth the nearly-guaranteed pain? How do we reconcile a desire to leave home for adventure with staying true to who we are and who we love? — but it answers them in small ways, little moments of intimacy between a mother and daughter, or friends laughing around a campfire.

Kerrice Brooks as Ro, Maisy Stella as Elliott, and Maddie Ziegler as Ruthie in *My Old Ass*.
Kerrice Brooks as Ro, Maisy Stella as Elliott, and Maddie Ziegler as Ruthie in *My Old Ass*.
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“I was just starting my own family so I started thinking about that last night you spend as part of a family unit, right before you leave home," Park tells Teen Vogue, adding that the production team looked at “classic nostalgic teen films” like My Girl and Now and Then for the summery vibes of the movie. “That led to me wondering what would I tell myself if I was able to say something to the person I was then, during that last summer at home? I was having so much fun just thinking about it, I wanted to write about it.  It felt like a different way to tell a coming-of -age story that would be loose and fun yet also personal.”

She adds, "I’ve always admired movies that walk the line between comedy and authentic emotion. But in this case, I think that mix really came out of me trying to be true to a moment in life that is full of laughs and good times but also real sadness at leaving your childhood world and everything that is so beautiful about it behind.”

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Marni Grossman

As Elliott, Stella is playful and a little wry, desperate to become an adult yet fearful of what all that change might actually entail. The movie is Stella's first onscreen role since Nashville ended in 2018, and she was excited to film in Muskoka, Canada, as she's Canadian and grew up in Oshawa, Ontario.

“It was instant nostalgia and felt like home. It really made the movie so magical,” she says of the scenery, which is golden-hued and lush. “I was instantly glued to Elliott. I felt very aligned with her and the way she was written … The summer before I began filming was my last summer with all of my friends before they went to college. I had just experienced the heart of what happens to Elliott in this movie.”

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And Stella even had an older self of sorts to pave the way.

“I have a big sister who I think in a lot of ways was my future self, guiding me through," Stella says of her sister, the musician Lennon Stella, with whom she performed as Lennon and Maisy during their childhood. "She was some years ahead of me, and always knew what I needed to hear. I want this movie to make you call your mom and tell her you love her. Time moves fast. Living truly present is how we soak it all up.”

Check out the trailer for My Old Ass, exclusively in theaters on September 13:

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