'Old-fashioned blizzard' brings more snow and wind to parts of N.L.

After strong winds and snow on Saturday, parts of Newfoundland and Labrador are continuing to be hit with some stormy weather Sunday.

Alison Shepherd with Environment Canada's Gander weather office says a system has brought wind and snow to southern Labrador and parts of the island.

"It's been a good old-fashioned blizzard for a lot of places," Shepherd said.

"We had a low-pressure system move northeast of Newfoundland on Friday, and basically, most of southeastern Labrador and northern Newfoundland has been experiencing very poor conditions, heavy snow, blowing snow since then."

She said although there isn't much information about snowfall amounts, the snow and blowing snow has resulted in snow clearing equipment being taken off the road in some areas.

"It's hard to say just how much has fallen, but definitely, definitely people have been stuck in their houses for quite some time," she said.

The strong winds have also caused problems, blowing the snow around, with near zero visibility in some areas.

"We've seen some widespread areas gusting to 100 km/h, even some areas along the Labrador coast gusting to 120 km/h," said Shepherd

"So, with these cold temperatures, the heavy snow, there's really been poor, poor visability."

She said the system is moving southward and beginning to weaken, with the weather expected to improve by late Sunday.

"For areas in southeastern Labrador, they can expect to see improving conditions this evening into overnight," Shepherd said.

"Newfoundland is going to be a little bit later, the Northern Peninsula should see things start to clear by overnight tonight."