What to do with the old Prince Edward Home site: Your comments

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What to do with the old Prince Edward Home site: Your comments

A CBC P.E.I. story this week has sparked some creative ideas from online readers.

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee says the city is in discussions with the province about the property where the old Prince Edward Home is located.

It's prime real estate — adjacent to Victoria Park and just minutes from the downtown core.

The building, last used for palliative care, has been vacant for almost two years.

'Logical extension' of Victoria Park

Lee said he'd like to see the building removed and the area turned into green space — a "logical extension" of Victoria Park.

Part of the land could also be used to address the lack of parking in the area, Lee said, particularly for provincial government employees who work in the buildings nearby.

The province said no decisions have been about what will happen with the property, but is exploring options with the city.

On CBC Prince Edward Island's Facebook page, we asked what readers thought would be the best use of the property.

(Please note that usernames are not necessarily the names of commenters. Some comments have been altered to correct spelling and to conform to CBC style.)

Many agreed with the mayor, saying they'd welcome more green space.

But Trina O'Brien Leggott took it a step further. She suggested an accessible labyrinth, like the one in Winnipeg in honour of Carol Shields.

Beryl Mallett Atkinson said green space with areas for meditation and reflection would be fitting.

"I know many people have a connection to the property during times of illness or with loved ones at end of life," she said. "I would love to be able to visit the place where my mother (and many others) left this world in peace."

Marlene Hunt said it all should be used as green space, and it would be "backward" to use any of it for parking.

"Government employees need to car pool, take public transit and, if not, pay for parking," she said.

"Do not pave paradise for another free parking space."

Edna Younker envisioned something like Public Gardens in Halifax, with "beautiful flower gardens with water features and duckies wandering around."

But not everybody thought it all should be used as green space.

Some, including Janelle Pineau, think it should be turned into a rehab facility.

"Turn it into an actual functioning proper rehab facility so we can help the enormous amount of struggling addicts on this island who have nowhere to go," she said.

Business opportunity

Kathryn Thompson floated the idea of an indoor skateboard/scooter park to give kids something to do.

With the legalization of marijuana expected in 2018, Mitch Turner thinks the property could be a business opportunity that would generate jobs in the area.

Others thought the space should be used for affordable housing, especially for seniors.

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