How Olivia Culpo Is Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

If it's possible, there's more attention on the 2024 Super Bowl than ever. And Olivia Culpo, who is engaged to Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers, has been prepping for this moment all season.

Her running back fiancé may be the one hitting the field against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the camera will surely pan to the model and influencer too. And she'll no doubt be dressed for the occasion: All season long, Culpo has been repping the 49ers in chic-ified game-day looks, including one by Kristin Juszczyk, a.k.a. the same designer (and fellow WAG) who made Taylor Swift's “87” Chiefs jacket.

To find out how Culpo is prepping for the most anticipated game of the year, Glamour caught up with her for an exclusive chat about all things beauty, fashion, and (of course) football.

Glamour: What’s your game-day beauty routine like?

Olivia Culpo: Well, it depends on the game, but if it’s a home game, everyone comes over to the house for breakfast and we share clothes, spray-tan, do face masks, and help each other figure out what to wear. I shared a lot of my game-day makeup and outfits on TikTok this season and had so much fun with that content. I try and go for a natural look for most games and have a little more fun with my accessories.

What are your tricks for staying prepped for a long day at the stadium, where you might not have time for touch-ups and the camera might be on you at any moment?

I always throw a few touch-up items in my (very small, stadium-security-allowed) bag like a gloss, external charger, and lip liner. But honestly, I get so into the game I usually forget to use anything.

When did you decide on your Super Bowl outfit? What made you choose it?

I still haven’t figured this out! Any ideas? I have to have my TikTok help me like they do every week. So helpful!

There’s somehow even more attention on the Super Bowl this year than ever. Do you and Christian feel like this season has felt different?

It has! But I think we say that every season; it’s been so special to watch him play all year and do what he loves to do. I’m just so grateful he is healthy and happy—I really can’t ask for anything more than that.

You and your mother-in-law have the sweetest relationship! What are your game-day traditions?

Lately we have gotten into our postgame traditions! We put on our pajamas and order some food. Usually we end up doing a face mask or Bioré Pore Strip and watching a scary movie or docuseries.

Finally, have to ask: There have been conflicting reports about whether or not you and Christian’s family ended up in a suite—what’s the final outcome?!

Haha! Yes we are very lucky and have a suite together to watch the big game.

Originally Appeared on Glamour