Olympic curling coach named as Curl P.E.I. performance director

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Nine-time P.E.I. men's champion, former Canadian mixed champion and Olympic curling coach Peter Gallant has been named Curl P.E.I.'s performance director.

Gallant's role will be to guide the development and performance of young curling athletes and their coaches.

"Curl P.E.I. has done a great job of getting young people to start curling," said Gallant.

"At some point in time, they just need a little more technical help and some help with the strategy to kind of keep them progressing to the point where they're enjoying the game and they want to continue playing.

"If we can help improve their skill level, then they're more likely to stay playing into their 20s and so on."

Coronavirus switches plans

Gallant guided the South Korean women's team to a surprise silver medal in their home country during the 2018 Olympics, where he and the team became stars.

He then signed a contract to work with a new team featuring established players out of Switzerland.

"The whole plan was for me to remain coaching in Korea right up to the Olympics and with the situation in the world today, with the coronavirus, that wasn't going to happen this winter," Gallant said, adding that he reached out to the organization when he knew he would be on the Island for some time.

"This kind of all fell into place."

Submitted by Peter Gallant
Submitted by Peter Gallant

Gallant's position is new and will also focus on providing development opportunities for curlers and coaches working toward the 2023 Canada Winter Games, which will be hosted on the Island.

"There's been an emphasis on all the sports, I guess, but curling is one of those sports that is looking to try to just improve the quality of our athletes and give them a better chance to have success at the Canada Games," he said.

"A lot of it's on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, there's certain technical components that every good curler needs to have in order to have success: learning how to slide straight with good balance and just about angles and positions."

Gallant is contracted with the organization until the end of April.

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