Omarosa doubles down on claim that anonymous op-ed writer was Pence’s chief of staff

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

As a former reality star and member of President Trump’s communications team, Omarosa Manigault-Newman knows a good soundbite.

And on Monday, while visiting The View, she dropped plenty of gems. Omarosa is still promoting her bombshell book, Unhinged, which skewers President Trump and his administration.

But she also waded into the current guessing game plaguing Washington: Who wrote that anonymous New York Times op-ed bashing the president?

She told The View, “I don’t want to get sued, but I suspect it might be [Vice President Pence’s] chief of staff.”

That would be Nick Ayers. Omarosa said last week she thinks the leak came from within Pence’s office — but this appears to be the first time she specified the individual.

On Thursday, a spokesman for Pence denied the op-ed was written by Pence or anyone in his office.

Despite this, Joy Behar and Omarosa discussed the theoretical strategy behind someone connected to Pence writing the op-ed. “If you don’t like Trump, you want Pence to get the job,” said Behar. “They’re already lining up donors,” Omarosa said of Pence. “They already got a staff that’s helping to build his campaign.”

Omarosa’s book tour has been accompanied by her release of juicy secret recordings from her time in the White House. However, the tape she debuted on The View is a little underwhelming. In the recording, which Omarosa says was made when Trump crashed a communications meeting last October, the president promptly went on a tangent about Hillary Clinton and her campaign paying for that damning Russia report from ex-spy Christopher Steele.

But on the subject of Hillary, Omarosa expressed regret at being involved with Trump’s campaign and went so far as to say this: “I was in a toxic relationship with Donald Trump, and I regret that I was so complicit — Hillary Clinton was robbed.”

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