Omarosa makes big splash on premiere of 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Omarosa Manigault made a big splash on the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother, and ripples from her arrival could be felt by all her celebrity housemates and social media.

During her introduction video package, Omarosa came out swinging. She said, "I'm exceptional in everything that I do and I aspire to do. I was the queen of the boardroom, now I'll be the queen of the Big Brother house. Celebrities, you better watch your back."

When television and radio personality Ross Mathews realized that he was going to be living with Omarosa he revealed, "When people asked me who you don't want to see in the house, my answer was Omarosa. I can't do toxicity and negativity. Oh, my Omarosa."

Omarosa quickly earned the trust of all the women in the house and formed an all female alliance. Which came as a surprise even some of the alliance members, like Marissa Winokur. She said, "Am I teaming up the Omarosa? This is totally insane, but I would rather team up with her than have her against me."

Omarosa was also the first celebrity to be granted immunity. This caused an uproar on Twitter as many of the viewers felt it was rigged. And considering #Omarosa was a trending topic on Twitter, the producers would be right to try and hold onto such a popular houseguest.

It will be interesting to see if Omarosa leaves the Big Brother House like she left the White House?