OMG: Stephen Colbert Has Unforgettable Lauren Boebert Reenactment

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert returned to television for the first time on Monday night after the resolution of the five-month writers strike and wasted no time diving back into politics with gags about Donald Trump, Lauren Boebert and more.

He also brought back his scathing impression of Eric Trump as he speculated on how the former president might run the country from prison if he wins next year’s election while incarcerated.

“If he wins, he might be able to veto bills from cellblock A. I’m sure you’re asking, ‘How would he even get the veto pen in there?’” Colbert said. “Let’s just say on visitation days, Eric will be walking funny.”

Colbert then did an impression of Eric Trump making a very painful walk to see his father:

Colbert also mentioned far-right Rep. Lauren Boebert, who was kicked out of a performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical for vaping, taking pics, being disruptive, and apparently getting handsy with her date.

“Officials reported she was ‘causing a disturbance,’ which turns out was code for ‘yanking her date’s crank at a family-friendly show,’” Colbert said. “According to witnesses, she was apparently trying to start him like a lawnmower.”

Colbert was ready with a reenactment:

Check out more of his Monday night monologue below: