One in five Brits 'don't read books', according to YouGov poll

One in five Britons said they never read books, a YouGov poll has found (Picture: Getty)

One in five Britons never read books, according to a YouGov poll.

A poll of 3,275 adults asked respondents: ‘How many books do you generally have on the go at once?’.

And while just over half (52%) answered one at a time, a more worrying response was the 19% who said, “I don’t read books”.

That figure was even higher when it came to men, with over a quarter (26%) saying they don’t read books, compared to 12% of women.

The answer was also more prevalent among younger people, with 27% of 18-24-year-olds saying they don’t read books, alongside 21% 25-49-year-olds.

That number dropped to 16% of 50-65-year-olds, and was lowest for those 65 and older at 14%.


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While reading a book one at a time was the most popular answer overall at 52%, 17% of people said they had two on the go, with just 1% reading four at the same time and none tackling five books at once.

Perhaps surprisingly, 1% of Britons said they had six or more books on the go at once, while 4% didn’t know.

YouGov questioned 3,275 British adults on August 21, with other questions looking at Brexit as well as whether people could calm themselves down when angry by counting in their head.