One of Michael Jordan's teammates says LeBron has the best body of work ever

In the never-ending debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, you would think past members of the Chicago Bulls would be 100 percent behind their former teammate.

As Charles Oakley revealed Sunday night, that’s not exactly the case. There’s at least one area in which Oakley, who played with Jordan for three seasons in Chicago, believes James is better.

We should note that Oakley did not say James is better than Jordan. He simply said that “no player in the history of the game has put together the body of work LeBron has.”

Oakley sent out that tweet after James’ impressive performance in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 7 win over the Indiana Pacers. James put up 45 points, with nine rebounds and seven assists in the 105-101 win. 

Oakley and Jordan remain close today. When Oakley was banned from New York Knicks games in 2017, the league asked Jordan to help resolve the situation.

What exactly does Oakley’s statement mean? Oakley could consider James a more complete player. Or he might be saying James has done more with less. Neither of those things necessarily mean James is better than Jordan, but it’s still a surprising thing for one of Jordan’s teammates to say.

The common refrain when comparing the two is that Jordan won six rings as a player. James is only halfway there.

Oakley, however, did not play on any of the Bulls’ championship winning clubs with Jordan. The ring argument may not play a role in his opinion at all.

LeBron James has the best body of work ever, says one of Michael Jordan’s former teammates. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

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