Days after giving birth to a baby boy, mom dies of strep A in hospital

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    very sad, very tragic.
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    It doesn't say whether the other people who had it were infected before, or after, her. If they were sick before her, then she should have immediately been tested for Strep A. The fact days went by as she got sicker and they did not test her for Strep A, and were telling her to "go for a walk" is ridiculous. One case of Strep A is concerning, two in the same ward in the same month should have had them on high alert for symptoms, and three NEVER should have progressed to where it did. If they had been on the ball, she would have been tested and put on the proper antibiotics - she might have stood a chance of recovery. If you get sick in the hospital INSIST on tests and don't shut up until they test you - there are too many hospital-borne illnesses that can be deadly. They KNOW when there are certain bugs going around the wards so they WILL know what it MIGHT be and should be testing.
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    I was briefly introduced to her by my daughter...they both graduated last June from UofT Scarborough Campus. She was a beautiful girl, with a soft spoken voice. RIP will be missed by your family and friends, and your son will know all about you and will be well taken care of. No matter what the outcome of the hospital investigation, Ayesha is gone forever. RIP babygirl <3
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    My deepest condolences to this family. Some 20 years ago I was also ill with a Strep A infection after delivering my child in a London Ontario hospital. Despite being hospitalized and treated for a week after delivery for my illness and fever they would not tell me what had gone wrong. We asked repeatedly and were told that it was just a post op fever and it just happened some times. Needless to say, although some nurses were good at least two were completely useless and my overall care was very poor. All they told me, daily, was if you walk more you will feel better, and let’s be clear, I was delirious and weak with a fever of 104, sick to stomach constantly, a c-section incision and a new born baby. My husband was so worried he slept beside me bed in a chair the whole week and refused to leave me in case I needed help while he was gone. The day after I left the hospital my new born son became ill, and had a raw rash all over his body, it had started in the hospital, and the nurses just repeatedly told me to stop worrying it was nothing, perhaps a yeast overgrowth they kept saying. We went to a rural walk in clinic, the doc on call took one look at us and said something is really wrong. He sent away some samples for a rush test and literally called me within four hours of our clinic visit to tell me we both had group A strep infections. He saved our lives in 4 hours after the hospital had us and couldn’t figure it out for a whole week. We are very lucky to have survived and they hospital was useless in our care they did not take our questions or problems seriously at all. This story breaks my heart that 20 years later these same types of things are happening in Canadian hospitals still today and people are dying. Pure negligence.
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    A happy moment has turned into a disaster for this family. As usual everyone has an answer now, but that did not stop what happened.
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    Wendy Martin
    It will be 28 years in August when I had my twins, during labour I ended up with strep throat, I had been in hospital for 2 weeks before delivery of pre-mature twins. I left the hospital 9 days later with my twins still on medication for strep throat. The next day I went to my family for a lady problem took a culture and sent it off. By Monday I had a fever had to call my mom for help with the twins, she then called my step mom to look after the twins as I was told to come into the doctors office right away. My doctor called my OB and was told to rush me to the hospital and call for the results of the culture. I went home packed a bag by the my husband was home form work and he took me to the hospital, I was put in a room and not 10 mins later everyone was asked to leave the room put on yellow gowns and my roommate removed and I was quarantined. I had no idea what was happening I was not allowed to see my babies. The amount of IV lines they put in me made me scared was I dying and no one talking. Finally the doctor came in from infectious disease and explained that I have Group A strep and it is in my uterus and might be spreading through out my body and they have to stop it, he was honest and said we caught it just in time one more day was the difference between life and death. My husband thought he was going to be a single dad of twins. I got lucky.

    No one explained how this happened to me. If I had not gone to the doctors that Monday morning things could have been so different. As my prescription had run out on Sunday so it was keeping me a bit safe.

    My heart goes out to this family this should not happen but it does and why this was not taken seriously is heart breaking. As I have learned this is common in child birth with C-sections but is rising with vaginal births. I am aware and my daughter has 2 children now both by C-sections and the last one she spiked a fever at home and I told her to get to the doctor right away.

    I am so proud of this dad, you are doing a great job loving your child in this time of grieving. Many prayers sent your way.
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    I couldn't imagine this. This hospital dropped the ball, or , at the very least caught on way too late!!
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    Simply awful. I can't imagine this man's grief. I hope he has a good family support network to lean on. He has a hard road ahead of him. God bless.
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    I express my deepest sympathy to the family at this tragic loss. What else can one say?

    This is also about staffing levels - staff work short and are still expected to do the same work as if fully staffed. There needs to be adequate staff to make sure the job is done properly.
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    My sincere and deep condolences to this family. You are being thought of and in the hearts of many people who are following your story and your courage. If only things had turned out differently. Your wife was a beautiful, wonderful woman - I watched the Global news report you did. This is truly tragic. I hope you are able to rely on the support of your family and slowly find your way out of this deep loss.