One-on-one with Arkansas guard Anthony Black

Krysten Peek sits down with the 6-foot-7 point guarrd heading to Arkansas, Anthony Black

Video Transcript

- I'm Kristin V. Cureth with Anthony Black. We're at the U18 tryouts in Houston, Texas. Anthony, it's been the first few days. How do you feel like you've been playing so far?

- I've been playing good, just playing hard, trying to get my teammates involved and just do stuff that makes winning plays. So I feel like I've been playing hard.

- Yeah. You're one of the older players here. Do you feel like you're taking more on a leadership role?

- Yeah, especially being a guard too, just being older than everybody. It's just important to talk to them and make sure everybody's talking, has a lot of energy.

- What does it mean for you to represent the United States and have that USA on your chest?

- It's a blessing because not a lot of people got the chance to come here, not a lot of people made the cut. So it's just a blessing to be invited and get to work out.

- Anyone surprise you, some of the younger kids surprise you the last couple of days?

- I haven't seen DJ play, this is my first time like seeing them play and I'm really impressed with him. Just a lot of the young dudes I'm impressed with, actually.

- Yeah. OK, heading to Arkansas. What went into that decision and how much of a relief was it to finally get that off your chest at the McDonald's game?

- I mean, first, it was a huge relief because it was getting kind of stressful, kind of late commitment. So just to get it off my chest, it was good. But what really went into it was the coaching staff because I know they're going to be tough, but they're going to make me better and push me to get to my goals. So there's no better of a type of coach they have, and some coaches who want to help you get to where you're trying to go.

- One of your teammates, Jordan Wallace, is also here. Have you guys started to build that on-court chemistry that you're going to have next year?

- I mean, we haven't got to play on the same team a lot here, but we kind of know what he said, like the dude, so we kind of know how we can help each other be better. But yeah, we kind of have a little bit of chemistry going.

- Another player, Nick Smith, he played throughout the entire spring at all the All-Star games, Nike Hoop Summit, Jordan Brand, and also McDonald's. What was it like playing with him and going up against him, and what are you looking forward to playing alongside him in the backcourt?

- I mean, he's just a competitor, so it's always fun playing with and against him. I know he's going to make me better, I'm going to make him better. So just going into school with a guy like that is good, another talented guard is fun to play with. So I think we'll have a chance to be good.

- What was Coach Musse's reaction when you told him that you're going to want to come play for him?

- Well, me, Nick and Jordan FaceTimed him right before. It was kind of short notice. But he said some things I probably shouldn't say, but he was super excited. So that's always good to see from a coach you're coming in to.

- One of the assistants was here to watch you the last couple of days. Did you get any feedback from him on what he saw from you on the court?

- I mean, I didn't get any feedback. It was more just seeing each other, yeah, Facetime.

- What was their message to you and throughout the entire recruitment process on what you need to do this summer to see early playing time next year and be an instant impact guy?

- Just keep working on my game in all levels, get stronger, and just learning the game at the college level and learning the way they like to play.

- You know, this past spring, you got to play in front of NBA executives and scouts. What did you want to show them for you as a player, kind of looking into your career as a pro?

- I mean, I just want to show them I do a lot of things that affect winning. I know there's a lot of good players in the league to score and do all that, so I just got to shoot them I can do other stuff too other than score, like make plays for my teammates, play defense, and just be a good leader.

- I know it's still the summer, but the season is going to be here before you know it. Are there any games that you're mentally circling in the SEC, matchups that you're looking forward to?

- I'd say Kentucky at Kentucky. That's going to be a good one. So I'm ready for that.

- You like playing on the road? Do you like that?

- Yeah. Yeah. Road games are crazy, for sure. I like them.

- OK. And then just some goals for you next year at Arkansas. Have you started to make that list at all?

- I just want to win a lot of games. I want to get to Elite 8, Final Four, and then championship, and then have a chance to win. So I think if I do that, everything else I'm trying to get done will take care of itself. Like, naturally, I'll just do stuff to help myself out. So I'm really just focused on winning and just becoming a better player.

- All right. Well, Ant, thank you so much for the time. Good luck the rest of the time here. For more information on Anthony Black and all Arkansas basketball, keep it right here on Yahoo Sports.

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