We're Officially Setting Sail For 'One Piece' Season 2

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We're Officially Setting Sail For More 'One Piece'Casey Crafford - Netflix

When Netflix subscribers boot up One Piece, they'll witness some of the wackiest stories ever to hit the streamer. Luffy's world is an ocean full of pirates, outlandish creatures, and some of the silliest superpowers ever created. Still, underneath all that craziness, is a story about friendship and standing against anyone who threatens to squash your dreams. Even if you can't fall in love with the buffoonery, the show's themes are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

That's certainly what Netflix was hoping for with its adaptation of One Piece, which currently holds the record for the best-selling manga of all time by a long shot. Hell, even the anime exceeds over 1,000 episodes. With such a dedicated fanbase, the series has gone viral on TikTok and entered the coveted Netflix Top 10 list. Now, Deadline reports that the series is officially renewed for a second season.

After Cowboy Bebop and Death Note, Netflix didn't have the best track record when it came to live-action anime adaptations. Even with awkward pacing and some haphazard special effects, simply watching One Piece play out with live actors seems to be enough to satisfy viewers. Now, they've been granted another round of episodes.

"The people in the office have shown us a lot of TikTok videos of people saying ‘this is going to be awful, this is going to be terrible,'" executive produder Marty Adelstein recalled in an interview with Deadline. "Then they brought in TikTok videos of the same people going, ‘I was so wrong, this is so good’. So real skeptics have turned around and really have praised the show and have been very happy with it and very surprised at how good it was." Somehow, the streamer has done the impossible. For everything moving forward, stick with us below.

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Newcomer Iñaki Godoy stars as Monkey D. Luffy, the popular manga hero finally brought to life.CASEY CRAFFORD/NETFLIX - Netflix

What Will Happen in Season Two?

The first season of One Piece covered an ambitious amount of material—tackling 100 chapters in just eight episodes. At that pace, Season Two will most likely adapt the next arc of the story up to around Chapter 218. Next up for Luffy and friends is an island of giants, the search for a doctor to join the crew, and the fight against a criminal organization of bounty hunters threatening to destabilize the desert nation of Arabasta. It's one of the best arcs in One Piece, and the first to really establish the journey moving forward. Oh, and there's a cute little talking reindeer character named Chopper.

According to Variety, the scripts for a potential Season Two are already ready to go. Though production is stalled due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Adelstein told Deadline that they, "have hopes for 12 seasons." With over 1,080 chapters (and roughly only 100 covered so far), the source material is definitely there. "We have plans with [showrunner] Matt Owens for how we would break multiple seasons, and I think even if we did six seasons, we would probably only use up half of the chapters of the manga," Adelstein continued. "It really could go on and on and on."

Studio president Becky Clements also revealed that more episodes could arrive just a year's out from any strike-ending negotiations. “Somewhere between a year and 18 months, we could be ready for air," Clements told Variety. "In our subsequent calls post-launch, we have been told that we have exceeded expectations, which is also fantastic." Season Two is now ready to go. Please Netflix, just make Chopper cute!

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