OnePlus might be working on a phone with unbelievably good battery life

A person holding the OnePlus 12.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Mobile device batteries are not just improving — they are evolving. As a result, modern smartphones can last at least 24 hours between charges, if not longer. Now, thanks to innovative work happening at OnePlus and Oppo, the companies are reportedly creating a 7,000mAh battery for a future smartphone. If this becomes a reality, it could redefine the design and usage of smartphones going forward

According to leaker Digital Chat Station (first spotted by Android Authority), the large battery could arrive on at least one upcoming smartphone. For context, it was previously reported that the OnePlus 13 would have a 6,000mAh battery.

The phone mentioned in this latest leak is not believed to be the OnePlus 13, but another model. Specifically, it’s rumored that the OnePlus/Oppo phone with this 7,000mAh battery will be a midrange device.

The world has already seen phones with 7,000mAh or similar-sized batteries, including the Samsung Galaxy F62 and Galaxy M51. Others, from niche players, have even included larger batteries. Unfortunately, larger batteries have meant much larger phones; most of today’s bestselling phones are around 5,000mAh.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max batteries have around this capacity. The OnePlus 12 has a typical battery capacity of 5400mAh. If OnePlus and Oppo release phones with 7,000mAh batteries, let’s hope they can make them thinner than previous attempts.

Android Authority notes the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro features a prominently advertised silicon-based 5,500mAh battery. This type of battery offers higher density than competing options, allowing for greater capacity with a smaller footprint. It’s reasonable to assume that the company’s 7,000mAh battery could use similar technology without resulting in increased thickness or weight.