Online singing challenge raises over $5K for West Prince family

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Online singing challenge raises over $5K for West Prince family

Hundreds of people from across Canada are grabbing their guitars and singing their hearts out to help an Island family in need. 

From Hallelujiah to South Bound Train, they are challenging each other to sing a song and donate to help out Kim Beaton and her family of Alma, P.E.I.

Beaton was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2015. Although it's been a hard journey at times, she said she's been held up by those around her.

"It was tough but I jumped in it with a positive attitude," she said. "The community and surrounding areas have been so wonderful to us."

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of her diagnosis, she said, was explaining it to her daughter — and also having to explain that her husband is waiting for a bed at a long-term care facility.

"I never shed a tear until I told my daughter, I was very strong and positive," Beaton said. "I sat her down and explained to her that mommy couldn't look after daddy anymore."

Malcolm Pitre, who's from the area, launched an online campaign to raise funds for the family but he said it's a bit of a twist on a traditional fundraiser.

The online campaign asks people to pay a minimum of $5 to challenge someone to sing a song and post the video for everyone to see.

Raised $5K

"The people who have been asked to sing a song have been amazing," he said.

"I think people are liking the idea."

What started as a gesture he hoped would raise about $1,000 has already topped $5,000. Nearly 4,000 members from across the country are tuning in — and many are contributing to — the online singing challenge.

"For years and years West Prince has been known for having benefits for people who needed the help, so I knew people would do this, I didn't know it would get this crazy, but people are great," he said.

Beaton said the money is going to go a long way for herself and her daughter as "living alone now is going to be a big difference."

Beaton said her doctors told her she's in great health and she's confident she'll beat the cancer.

"I'm going to beat it … two more chemos and I'm all done," she said.

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