Only '90s kids remember: voice actors from Sailor Moon, X-Men offer classes in Victoria

Only '90s kids remember: voice actors from Sailor Moon, X-Men offer classes in Victoria

Wolverine teaming up with Sailor Moon sounds like a bad piece of internet fan fiction but that's exactly what's going down in Victoria starting Sunday.

High-profile voice actors Tracey Moore and Scott McNeil are teaching voice acting in Victoria as part of Kre8 Studio, a week-long "summer school" effort to develop creative film and television talent in the city.

"I think Victoria has a very unique sensibility," Moore told All Points West host Jason D'Souza.

"They are on an island, they have their own culture and they've sort of nurtured their own culture."

"It's for anyone who's got that spark … if you've got that creativity, it's got to go someplace," McNeil added.

Moore and McNeil have been in some major projects over their careers, beginning in the late '80s and early '90s respectively.

McNeil has featured as Wolverine in the X-Men cartoon, in addition to voices on Dragonball Z, Transformers spin-offs, ReBoot and the video game World of Warcraft.

Moore's notable credits include Serena, the main character from Sailor Moon; Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros.; and several voices for Care Bears cartoon.

Both say they want to teach students voice acting, video production and marketing to tell their own stories and go from mere fans to creators.

'Secretive' world

Moore says the idea for the school started at meet-and-greet events at conventions where fans would regularly tell her of the impact the stories had on their childhood.

She believes that because many more parents had to work during those years, voice actors and others behind cartoons were "the bedtime stories for a generation."

"It's very nice to know you're part of collective humanity's psyche," she said.

"We want to give what we have so that you, who heard us in your childhood, can create for the next generation."

While she calls the world of voice acting "secretive," McNeil added that its an incredibly rewarding field.

"If you've got voices inside your head, you can either spend your days inside small padded rooms screaming, or you could spend your days in small padded rooms screaming and get paid for it," he joked, referring to the recording booths where he does his work.

Classes at Kre8 Studio range from $100 to $650 according to the program's website. The school runs Aug. 19-27.

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