Only his wife knew that South Carolina man won lottery game’s seven-figure grand prize

After discovering he had won a scratch-off game’s grand prize an Upstate man immediately told his wife — and no one else — South Carolina Education Lottery officials said in a news release.

While the winner is trying to keep his $2 million jackpot secret, his plans for the newfound windfall might make him more conspicuous.

“I’m ready to retire,” the man said in the release.

But other than that, the winner vowed that he would not let becoming a millionaire change him.

The man didn’t share any plans for spending the money.

The winner will be allowed to retain some privacy, as South Carolina is one of 11 states — along with Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Virginia — that allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.

He said he felt a compulsion to spend $20 to buy what turned out to be the winning ticket at an Exxon in Lyman, according to the release.

The man said he was driving on Holly Springs Road in Spartanburg County when a lucky feeling led him to stop at the gas station/convenience store.

“It’s so weird,” he said of the sensation.

After scratching the ticket and revealing the game’s grand prize, the man immediately called his wife.

“I told her, ‘You won’t believe what happened,’ ” he said.

Other than lottery officials, she’s the only person the winner told about the payday, according to the release.

The odds of winning the $2,000,000 top prize in the 200X The Cash game were 1-in-1,460,000, according to the release. This was the second of the game’s six top-prize winning tickets to be claimed, meaning $8,000,000 of unclaimed grand prizes is still available, officials said.

The gas station received a commission of $20,000 for selling the claimed ticket, according to the release.