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Roshan Nallaratnam, Scarborough-Guildwood (PC)

This week, Toronto police confirmed Nallaratnam, left, was under investigation for allegedly sending a threatening email during the election campaign, multiple news outlets reported. According to The Globe and Mail, the email contains explicit language and says: “… don’t do nasty campaign against me. I will teach the lesson after election.” Nallaratnam said the email, which was reportedly sent to nearly 100 people, is a fake and was not written by him. “I did not send the e-mail in question. The e-mail is a fabrication from an account that does not belong to me,” Nallaratnam said in a statement. Ford revealed he spoke to the candidate and takes him at his word, which is why the PCs have decided to stick with him, the Toronto Star reported. Photo from The Canadian Press.

Ontario election scandals: Major party candidates under fire for public controversies

Polls suggest the Ontario election race is coming down to a choice between two parties, and both have had their fair share of controversial candidates.

With PC Leader Doug Ford and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath locked in a neck-and-neck race to the finish, some of these squabbles may come back to haunt these parties on election day, which is on June 7. The Liberals haven’t been immune to controversy, either.

Here are some of the controversies involving Ontario political candidates during the 2018 election campaign, which made news headlines between April and June of this year.