Ontario and Quebec will have a 'sweltering' heatwave for Canada Day

Ontario heatwave

Canada Day weekend is going to be hot — very, very hot. Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist for Accuweather gave Yahoo Canada News the rundown of the upcoming holiday across the nation, and it looks like summer is finally here. Even for you, Newfoundland.


“The worst of the heat is going to probably be Sunday, but Saturday through Monday will be three days of heat and humidity,” says Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather. “Not very comfortable conditions, certainly, throughout basically all of southern Ontario through all of southern Quebec.”

Anderson predicts temperatures will reach 33 to 34 C on Saturday and Sunday, but with the humidity, it will feel more like 38-40 at times, especially on Sunday.

“The heat index is going to be very high and the wind isn’t going to be much of a factor so it’s not going to cool too much. If you go right down to the lake, it won’t be as hot, but if you’re too far inland, it’s going to be sweltering,” Anderson warns.

“If I’m going up to cottage country I’m going to prepare for some buggy type of weather, no question about that,” advised Anderson, “But my biggest concern is that I drink plenty of fluids and wear a hat and limit my time in the direct sun certainly during the middle of the day.”

It’s not all negative though. “It’s definitely very summer-like, good cookout weather if it’s later in the day,” he says. “Nights are going to be very warm as well. Great pool weather!”

Things will cool down after the long weekend but will still be unseasonably warm.

“…It’s certainly going to stay humid most of the week,” says Anderson. “Temperatures will ease up a little bit but still going to be a warm, humid week – definitely warmest week we’ve seen this season.”


The East Coast is also in for a whopper of a weekend, particularly New Brunswick.

“Mostly Sunday and Monday is where the heat and humidity is going to be most oppressive,” explains Anderson. “It’s going to be sweltering, with high heat and high humidity and temperatures easily 33, 34, 35 C for highs and factoring the humidity, it’s going to be even hotter than that.”

As for rest of the Maritimes, there won’t be any severe weather – like the snow in Newfoundland earlier in the week – but it will take some time to warm up there.


Heading into the Prairies, Anderson expects the weather to be fairly seasonable.

“Prairies temperatures are looking at low to mid 20s for a high, so that’s comfortable. There may be an isolated thunderstorm here and there on Saturday and then on Sunday looks like we may have a little storm system coming through with some showers and thunderstorms from Saskatchewan to Manitoba,” he says. “No severe weather or anything like that. Certainly not hot across the Prairies this weekend.”


As for British Columbia, nothing too exciting is happening with the weather. “There may be some isolated showers across southern British Colombia on Saturday and then drier conditions on Sunday,” says Anderson. “Temperate wise looking at near to slightly below normal this weekend.”

What are you up to this long weekend? Stay safe and hydrated! Happy Canada Day!