Ontario takes a step toward legislature renovations with proposal for new ministry

TORONTO — Ontario is taking another step toward renovations of the legislature, proposing to create a new ministry to oversee them.

Legislative Affairs Minister Paul Calandra introduced the bill today, saying it will establish the foundation on which a comprehensive and long-overdue restoration can be completed.

The bill would also provide for the temporary relocation of the legislature to another building while renovations are underway.

The building known as Queen's Park is 130 years old and staff in charge of the building and the assembly have raised concerns with lead pipes and asbestos running through the walls, mountains of old cables and wires stacked on top of new ones, an inefficient steam heating system with parts that frequently fail and fire safety systems in need of upgrading.

It has been estimated that a project of this scale could take eight years.

Under the legislation, Calandra as government house leader would also be in charge of the new ministry.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 7, 2023.

The Canadian Press