OPCW lacks evidence of chemical weapons use in Ukraine

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) does not have sufficient evidence to conclude that chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, OPCW said in a message on its website on May 7.

According to the statement, the information provided by Ukraine and Russia on the use of chemical weapons, along with data available to the organization, were "insufficiently substantiated". However, the OPCW also indicated that the situation remains unstable and there is a possibility of the repeated use of toxic chemicals as weapons.

The OPCW also noted that in July 2023, all known chemical weapon stockpiles in the world were destroyed under the body’s supervision. Yet, this does not mean chemical weapons no longer exist.

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According to the Chemical Weapons Convention, any toxic chemical used with the intent to cause harm or death is considered a chemical weapon. Additionally, the OPCW member states are required to declare all toxic substances they possess.

The OPCW noted that before acting on claims of chemical weapons use, the organization must first receive a corresponding request from member states.

To date, the OPCW has not received any requests to take action.

In April, The Telegraph reported that Russia had systematically carried out illegal chemical gas attacks against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In early May, the U.S. State Department expanded sanctions against Russia, saying that Russian troops had used the banned chemical substance chloropicrin against the Ukrainian Armed Forces at on the battlefield.

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